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A Practical Exercise in Creating Metaphors

A Practical Exercise in Creating Metaphors
If you had heard the previous section on “Multiple Embedded
Metaphors” instead of reading it, you would probably have expe-
rienced metaphor-induced trance. The change work that I chose to
sandwich between the multiple loop openings and the reverse
order closings was a learning experience rather than the type of
personal change that would be more usual for a hypnotherapy
I invite you to take some time now to plan a similar series of five
multiple embedded metaphors. First choose a colleague to whom
you will tell the metaphors. (With a specific person in mind, you
can design the metaphors to have the effects you intend for that
person.) Think of five stories, 2 to 4 minutes each. Think of what
the effects will be, and organize the stories in the best order.
Prepare the stories in your mind, so that you can begin each one,
tell 80 or 90% of it, and then stop and go on to the next story.
In choosing the content of your metaphors, consider:
stories about people learning things
stories about connections people made inside
stories of understandings people reached
stories that had certain effects on people
stories of revelations people had.
As you think about a story you may use, imagine the effect it
would have on your colleague hearing that story for the first time.
Think of where you can break the stories, and where you will pick
them up again as you conclude. Plan to sandwich your content, or
change work, in the middle.
To prepare for practising these metaphors with your colleague,
plan as your central content some useful suggestions about learn-
ing or about unlocking the power of the Unconscious Mind.
For your convenience in planning metaphors, copy the diagram
on page 125.
Once you have your metaphors and central content planned, prac-
tise them with your colleague acting as the client. Practise several
times, observing the effects of your stories and your choices of
where to break each metaphor. Use your observations to improve
the flow and the effects of your multiple embedded metaphors
until you are delighted with the results.

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