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Additional Notes on use of the Pendulum

Additional Notes on use of the Pendulum
With some clients it works better to induce trance first and then
introduce the pendulum. Most clients, however, use the pendulum
well without any formal trance induction. This provides a great
advantage with clients who initially resist entering trance.
The pendulum is a biofeedback device. It works through the inte-
gration of Conscious and Unconscious processes. This means the
client needs to see the pendulum and its signals. Their conscious-
ness of the movements of the pendulum sets the stage for their
Unconscious Mind to communicate through this medium.
Sometimes the client will be concerned about interfering with the
signals from their Unconscious Mind. They may say, “I’m not sure
I trust the answers I am getting,” or “I just don’t trust my
Conscious Mind not to interfere.” If this is the case, you can tell the
The Pendulum and Other Ideomotor Signals
client, “Simply do not interfere with the pendulum. Hold a neutral
thought in your mind and let whatever happens, happen.”
If the client is still concerned, as you are asking a question, block
their view with a piece of paper. This means actually holding a
piece of paper between the client’s face and the pendulum. The
moment the client begins to answer, pull the piece of paper away,
so they can see the swing of the pendulum. This will maintain the
biofeedback nature of the process.
The pendulum has proved to be an excellent avenue to having a
full conversation with the Unconscious Mind without deep trance.

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