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Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning
There is a wealth of resources available as you continue to build
your skills in hypnotherapy.
You can pursue an independent study programme offered by the
American Pacific University, to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a doc-
torate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. The Institute also offers ‘hands-
on’ training at its main campus in Honolulu, Hawaii and at other
locations throughout the US. The phone number for the Institute is
A local study group can give you access to the experience and sup-
port of colleagues, as well as the chance to further practise what
you have learned. To find or form a study group, you can call the
Institute for a list of people in your area.
I offer beginning and advanced courses in Neuro-Linguistic
Programming and Time-Line Therapy@ in North America, Europe,
Asia and Australia. The courses emphasize the ties between NLP,
Time-Line Therapy@ and hypnosis. Information is available from
Advanced Neuro Dynamics at 800-800-MIND (6463).
As you build your knowledge and skill in hypnosis and acquaint
yourself with NLP, visit our Internet site at:
http:/hww.hypnosis. corn
It gives a complete collection of scripts for hypnosis and NLP, as
well as a wealth of further information.
Your most valuable resource for developing your skills is your
own Unconscious Mind. I encourage you to talk to it. Listen to
it. Trust it.

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