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Dealing with ephemeral information

Dealing with ephemeral information
There will be times when you are drawing out or collecting infor-
mation which you need to have in front of you before you decide
what to do with it. Now, you might not necessarily want the audi-
ence to remember the information. You are just using it in order to
move on to the next stage. Suppose, for example, a problem has
arisen for the group. As they tell you about the current problem
situation, write the details on the flipchart. Then tear off this
‘problem sheet’ and put it up on the wall. Next, start working on
possible solutions, and write these on a new flipchart. This is what
you want them to remember. The problem is now associated with
the sheet on the wall, and the solutions are associated with the
flipchart. Then, you can reach over and take the problem sheet off
the wall, and throw it in the trash bin. Metaphorically you are say-
ing: “We have handled the problem. Let’s focus on the solution.”
Remember that everything you do communicates something.
Everything. Even if your audience is not consciously aware of
what you are communicating - you are still communicating to
them. They will be aware of the fact that you have just wadded up
the problem and put it in the trash, and that will have some key
associations for them, at some level of awareness.

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