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Definitions of rapport

Definitions of rapport
Let’s look at some definitions:
Rapport is the process that allows you to communicate and bond with
your audience? unconscious mind. Work on the unconscious level
because it is the unconscious mind that looks after all learning, all
behaviour, and all change.
When you have rapport with your audience, they will be in a state in
which they will uncritically accept suggestions that you are ofering to
their unconscious mind. With rapport, people tend to be more open
to you, less critical, have fewer objections, and be more likely to
accept what you have to say.
When people are like each other, they like each other. Rapport works by
matching on all levels. ‘Like’ has these two connected meanings.
Think about the people you like the most. They are probably like
you in some ways, and have similar preferences. Establishing rap-
port is about creating likeness. When you do that, people will like
you, and you will build rapport.

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