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Embedded Metaphors

Embedded Metaphors
Embedded metaphors tell the audience: You don’t have it all yet.
To maintain the audience’s interest and attention so they remain
open to learning new things, you must let them know that they
don’t have all the information yet: there is more to come, things
are still open. They have some pieces, but they don’t know every-
thing there is to know on that particular topic - yet. And you will
continue to have their attention until they think they have the
final piece.
We call this process of setting things up such that the audience
knows, either consciously or unconsciously, that they don’t have it
all yet, opening loops. Thinking you know everything there is to
know about something is really not a useful place to be because it
prevents you from learning more. Opening loops prevents prema-
ture closure.
One way that we use to keep the audience open and anticipating
more, so that they are taking in everything you have to say, and
wanting to know more, is by telling stories - but in a special way,
which we call embedded metaphors or nested loops. We recom-
mend that you incorporate these into your own trainings and

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