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Experiencing Trance

As a Hypnotherapist, you will regularly be guiding your clients
into trance. Your success in hypnosis will increase as you grow in
your own experience of the trance phenomenon. Let your Mind
consider that learning how to go into deeper and deeper levels of
trance yourself is going to build your effectiveness in assisting oth-
ers into trance. Milton Erickson would frequently hypnotize his
students, as well as having them hypnotize each other.
Many first-time subjects of hypnosis are surprised to find that
trance feels normal and natural, and they remain in control during
trance. Afterwards, they may have a perception that something
‘different’ has happened. The event may be a little dimmer in
memory, almost like a dream state fairly well remembered.
When a client has remained sharply aware of the process of hyp-
nosis taking place, he is likely to wonder what the difference is
between being in trance and not being in trance. In later chapters,
we will discuss suggestibility tests that will demonstrate the reality
of trance to you and your clients, and deep hypnotic phenomena
tests, which will show you your own ability to attain deep levels
of trance. The more tests you succeed at, the deeper you can go.

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