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Further Notes on Progressive Test Induction

Further Notes on Progressive Test Induction
Some clients may want to whiz on by any desire to stand up or see
a tennis ball, and go quickly as deep as the comatose state. Instead
of ‘playing silly hypnotic phenomena games,’ they may want to go
straight to experiencing a deep level of trance. That is fine, as long
as they are actualizing what they want in hypnosis. Erickson said
that some clients cannot actualize arm levitation in deep trance
because they are in a state where they don’t care.
The optimum level of trance for making post-hypnotic sugges-
tions varies with each client. You may need to experiment with a
client to find the level at which they respond best to suggestion.
Erickson would give suggestions to some clients in light trance.
He would tell them a few stories, sometimes without doing a
formal induction, and they would miraculously change. The key is
to establish communication with your client’s Unconscious Mind,
whether you are using the pendulum or deep trance. Be cautious
when you lead a client into deep trance. In some cases, if the client
is too deep, they may become unresponsive. If your client goes
into a comatose state, you are not going to get the responses you
need from them.
Progressive Test Induction Based on Estabrooks
with some of the tests, you can say, “I’d like to ask your
Unconscious Mind to send energy to the parts of the body that
need energy for this process. Now begin to do this while you stay
in a deep trance.”
The Progressive Test Induction contains a blend of permissive and
authoritarian approaches. I do not recommend a purely direct,
authoritarian approach unless you have a client who responds
well to it, such as a person with military background or a strictly
disciplined upbringing. You can readily begin with a permissive
approach and shade into a more authoritarian style as the client
progresses deeper into trance.. . . At deeper levels most
Unconscious Minds respond well to authoritarian messages.
The principle of utilization, most closely connected with
Erickson’s indirect, permissive style, is likewise effective with an
authoritarian approach. Utilization can turn what might have been
a distraction into a support for the trance induction. It is optimal
to notice possible distractions before the client does. You might
then say, for example, “In a moment, you may hear a sound com-
ing from outside the room. And you will know that someone is
rushing to go somewhere. Perhaps some time in your life, you
have rushed to go places. As you notice someone outside rushing
to go somewhere, perhaps you will want to go more deeply inside.
And take all the time you need, to go even deeper.” Utilizing
whatever happens outside will help you achieve a smooth, seam-
less induction. Utilization is hypnosis in all its elegance.
From the standpoint of therapy, the most critical part of the
Progressive Test Induction is the insertion of post-hypnotic sugges-
tions at a deep level of trance. The next chapter gives more detail on
post-hypnotic suggestions and techniques for deepening trance.

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