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Giving the Feedback

Giving the Feedback
If you want someone to improve, consider the following: They
will hear more of what you have to say and be more willing to
accept your communication, if you have rapport with them.
Having rapport means they will be feeling safe and comfortable
with you. And because you are giving them all positive feedback,
they are far more likely to take it in, and change how they are
thinking about themselves and what they do. (We will cover rap-
port in detail in Chapter Eight.)
This might be a different feedback model from any you have pre-
viously experienced, either when receiving feedback from
someone, or when giving it to others. If you are used to receiving
feedback like “You did this wrong. You did that all wrong. That
was terrible. And you didn’t do a very good job with that either”,
then this is the total opposite. It may seem strange, or even naive
at first, but we know this works, because we have been using it in
all of our trainings since we began. If you are used to giving feed-
back another way, then we suggest you suspend judgment on this,
and try it out. Act as if what we are telling you is true, give feed-
back this way, and notice the difference in the results you get.
Whatever it takes
Some people’s first response to this way of giving feedback is that
somehow it is not genuine or honest. But when you experience
feedback in this way, you will find it to be very honest and very
direct, given to you in an empowering way that will enable you to
do things differently next time, rather than tell you what you
didn’t do well last time. The purpose or intention of the feedback,
is to enable you to get the result of being a magnificent presenter
and trainer. Our intent is to do whatever it takes to enable people
to attain that outcome.
You might be wanting to give someone feedback and thinking,
“Hmm, I’m not sure. Am I just saying they did that really well,
but not really believing it?” Or maybe you think someone is really
bad at something, and wonder how you can then give positive
feedback to them. Actually you can always find things that they
do well, even if you have to make them up. And you can always
find things to improve. By focusing on the positives you will find
that they do indeed start improving.
One thing we ardently believe is that anyone can do anything that
they want to. They might not be demonstrating it at the moment,
but if they really want to do it, then we believe that they can - no
matter what it is, no matter where they start from, or where it is
they want to go. Because if we didn’t think that, then we
shouldn’t be working with them. If we were to think, “This per-
son isn’t going to be able to do this”, then that belief could be
preventing them from doing it.
So when we are working with someone in a group or on a one-to-
one basis, we have the belief that they can get the result they
want, provided they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.
We know that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to enable
someone to get the result - then they will get the result.
Think about this in relation to your own outcomes, what you
want from reading this book. Wherever you are right now:
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the result you
Because if you are, provided you have an outcome in mind, and
you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will get there.

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