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Harvesting the Learnings

Harvesting the Learnings
Before you let go of that event, and everything that it triggered in
you afterwards, you need to get the rest of the learning from it.
Once you have done that, your unconscious mind will be willing
to let the fear go. So looking back from the safety of now, to that
time 15 minutes before the event, with the resources and the
understanding you now have, knowing that you survived, then
you can simply go through that event again, consciously or
unconsciously learning from it, and continue to grow as a person,
as you come forward in time . . . until you are again in the present.
Your memory of that situation will now be different. Remember
that every time you revisit a memory you change it in some way.
Time Line Therapy techniques allow you to benefit from how
your unconscious mind works. Once you have all of the learning
from the event, the fear disappears. Your unconscious mind will
recode the memory, allowing it to become a positive memory that
you can use to build a new version of your future from that point
This may be a quite novel way of thinking for you. It may seem
simplistic, possibly too easy. Maybe you have a limiting belief that
change has to be difficult, requires a great deal of struggle and
take ages . . .
When you think about changing your experience, you will know
that this process makes some kind of sense, because you have
done something similar many times already. Certain events in
your past you have coded as negative, and others as more positive
You made those decisions. And you can change them.
This is true because what you think determines what happens in
your model of the world.
When you use hindsight to illuminate some aspect of your past,
there is no need to hang on to any unnecessary emotional bag-
gage. You can let all that go. It is often said that we have 20/20
vision when it comes to hindsight. You can make useful changes
by recoding those memories as learning opportunities, and then
your unconscious mind will revise your experience in the light of
what you know now.

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