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Government agencies together with many private companies are finding out the edges to using outsourced bookkeeping services. One of which for the company would be paying a set hourly fee compared to offering an employee package that could run in the high five figures. These days they’re looking to monitor all spending, as government agencies are being hit especially hard with our country’s economic issues. Staffing and work costs are no exception. For those who have proper training in accounting or bookkeeping procedures, this could mean new livelihood opportunities, particularly for those QuickBooks that is knowledgeable in the applications program. Many with the combination of work and training experience work independently, or may go freelance. Using quickbooks bookkeeping service is practically a must to be successful in landing work homework. While most accounting and financial software applications are best for other pecuniary functions, general accounting processes, statistics and mathematical computations, quickbooks is not just compatible with most office suite software applications but it also has a feature that’s essential to compute hours worked with the government. QuickBooks now has a characteristic that complies with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), which manages all contract audits for the U.S.

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Department of Defense. This feature automatically logs real hours that an employee has worked, compared to accepting and entering hours that have been written on a time sheet. This characteristic is one that many firms cannot afford to do without as it eliminates confusion that can originate from workers who do not work an entire shift or have payroll problems. Having quickbooks dcaa compliant not only makes payroll and other accounting matters related to contractors considerably simpler but helps top direction track contractor (or subcontractor) hours versus performance and other audit-related issue that may arise in a contractor arrangement.

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