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Non-Verbal Patterns of Communication

Non-Verbal Patterns of Communication
When first presenting and training, people often wonder what to
do with their hands. Hands seemed to have a life of their own,
and were distracting to us, as well as the audience. Do we put
them in our pockets; hold them rigidly down by our sides; hide
them behind our backs, clutching a board marker; or do we clasp
them modestly in front in the ‘figleaf’ posture?
We found the answers by studying the Satir category patterns.
These five non-verbal patterns of communication are specific pos-
tures and gestures that involve your entire body, including your
hands. Each has an accompanying voice tonality. These distinc-
tions come from Virginia Satir - one of the models of excellence
studied by the originators of NLP. She was a family therapist who
developed an effective ways of working with whole families
together. She described four dysfunctional ways in which people
communicated. The fifth one, the Leveler, was added later.
Each category seems to have cultural associations, so adopting
one particular physiology will trigger not only a certain state
within you, it will also create a certain state within your audience.
They are international; they work across cultures. We know this
because we train people, including NLP trainers, from all over the
world. Since learning these Satir categories, they report that using
the categories works very successfully in their own countries.

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