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Other Ideomotor Signals

Other Ideomotor Signals
The pendulum is most often used with the assistance of another
person. There are two other ideomotor signals (that is, body move-
ments that carry a message from the Unconscious Mind) that can
easily be practised alone, without being noticeably in trance. I
generally teach these to kids for use in school, but anyone can use
The first signal is called ‘Sticky.’ This is mainly for “Yes-No” ques-
tions. Take a plastic notebook. Touch the top padded part of your
pointer-finger to the waxy plastic covering of the notebook.
Rub your finger back and forth sideways along the edge, fairly
quickly. Ask your Unconscious Mind for a “Yes ” signal. Rub back
and forth again, asking for a “No” signal. Notice the difference in
the drag of your finger across the plastic for the two answers. Once
you have established “Yes” and “No,” concentrate on one question
at a time, and use Sticky to let your Unconscious Mind tell you the
answer. Each of the students to whom I have taught Sticky has
seen at least a full point increase in their grade average!
The second signal is called ‘ABCD.’ This is mainly for answering
multiple-choice test questions. For ABCD use your non-dominant
hand. Rest the heel of that hand on your knee, so that your fingers
are hanging loose. The fingers should not touch the knee because
you want to get the full ideomotor response. With attention Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide
focused on your fingers, ask your Unconscious Mind, “Give me a
signal for A. ” Wait for the signal … a slight movement of one
finger. “Give me a signal for B.” Wait for the signal. After seeing
the signals for all four answers, concentrate on a multiple-choice
question and watch your fingers for the response. Can you imag-
ine how valuable ABCD is in a classroom setting? One of our
students who taught this signal to his nephew reports that the
nephew scored a “96″ on a multiple-choice science examination
for which the highest grade up to that point had been an “85.”
Is this cheating? How do we know the student has learned any-
thing? My response is that all learning, behavior, and change takes
place in the Unconscious Mind. All we are doing is finding effec-
tive ways to communicate with the Unconscious Mind and access
the information which is already stored in it. There is no cheating
involved here! The fact is that the Unconscious Mind faithfully
records everything that we experience. If you can simply tune in
to the Unconscious Mind, you have access to any answer you
With clients I prefer to use the pendulum rather than Sticky or
ABCD, because the movement of the pendulum is so easy to
observe. During a school test, however, you cannot have your son
or daughter say, “Excuse me, I’m going to get out my pendulum!”

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