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Personal charisma

Personal charisma
One manifestation of Ha breathing is an increase in personal
charisma. You may have thought that charisma was something
people either have or they don’t. So what do we mean by
charisma? You may have encountered certain people who set you
thinking: “There’s something about that person. They have an
‘aura’ around them, a lot of personal magnetism.” That is
charisma. As soon as you are near them, you are aware of their
presence in an almost tangible way. When they enter a room it is
almost as though their presence gets there a few seconds before
their body. Have you ever met anyone like that?
You can actually increase your own personal charisma through
breathing. It is a learnable skill. What you may call a person’s
presence, their magnetism, their aura, or their personal charisma,
comes from having more of the kind of energy we have been talk-
ing about. By increasing the amount of energy you have in your
body, and by moving it out from your body into the space around
you, you will increase your own personal magnetism.
You have probably experienced this energy flowing out from peo-
ple. Have you experienced the sensation that someone is staring
at you from behind? Maybe you had the feeling their eyes were
boring into you. Perhaps you felt compelled to turn around and
look for the source of that sensation. You turned around and you
looked straight at them, as if you already knew where they were.
So how did you know who was looking at you? What let you
know that they were looking at you?
As soon as you start paying someone a lot of attention, your
energy follows that attention, and the person whom you are
focusing on unconsciously picks it up. They have the feeling
someone is looking at them, and they turn round. Their uncon-
scious mind already knows where the source of that attention is,
so they look straight at you. This is a similar process to projecting
your energy, increasing your charisma or personal magnetism.
The difference is you have more energy available, and you are
putting your attention into more of the space around you, and
now there is more for other people to become aware of.

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