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Reaping the Benefits

Reaping the Benefits
After trainings students have told us, “I was amazed at how much
I achieved during the training, and I’ve really changed as far as
presentations are concerned. I didn’t think I would remember it
all, but when I got in front of an audience, about three hundred
people . . . “- which they weren’t used to. They came to the train-
ing because this event was looming in their future - ” . . . I went
on stage, and instantly forgot everything I was meant to be
doing . . . and I did it all, automatically.”
One student was a hypnotherapist who had not done any presen-
tations before. He worked for the police force and was a
hypnotherapist part-time. One day the police superintendent
asked him to do a evening talk on hypnotherapy, because he
thought it would be useful for stress control within the police
force. The money people were paying to attend would be going to
charity. So he said:
“OK, I’ll do it. So how many people normally turn up?”
“About twenty-five.”
“I think I can handle that.”
When he turned up on the evening, there were 200 people in the
audience! Backstage he was thinking about the decision he’d
made . . . But then he realised, “This stuff I learned. It doesn’t mat-
ter whether I am with one person or two hundred. As long as I do
what I’ve learned, I’ll be OK. So he came out on stage, saw these
two hundred faces in front of him, and the first thing he did was
to go into the trainer state. (You will be doing this in the next
chapter.) By standing there and going into the trainer state, all of
his nervousness and all his fear completely disappeared.
He told us, “And then I did the whole two-hour presentation on
autopilot. And I received standing ovation. But when I came off
stage I couldn’t remember what I’d done”. Have you ever had a
standing ovation from two hundred people? It is quite a powerful
experience! Presenting Magically
In these opening chapters we have been setting some frames, giv-
ing you some theory and explaining how NLP can be applied to
this way of presenting. Now that we have this in place, we are
ready to start doing some exercises, and you will be doing these
throughout the rest of the book. Essentially, we will be teaching
you how to be comfortable being yourself in front of any audi-
ence. You’ll have to put something in, too, because you have to
learn it. We can’t learn it for you. So when you do the exercises, do
them to the best of your ability. Even if you are thinking that you
can’t remember everything you have covered so far, or that not all
of it makes sense yet, then we suggest that you trust your uncon-
scious mind. When you do that in the exercises, you will find that
what you need will be there, and this will totally transform the
way you present, to such an extent that you will look back in
amazement at that earlier version of you who did any previous
presentations before you read this book.
The rest of this book is very practical. It gives you the how-to’s.
And the most important how-to is establishing and maintaining
rapport with your audience. With rapport, everything becomes
much easier, much more effective. You will learn how to do that,
both on a one-to-one basis, and also with groups, but only after
we have explored what you need to pay attention to in yourself -
your state.

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