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Another aspect of Time Line that is important is that when you
take an event out of the past, you need to replace it. Earlier, we
took an event that didn’t matter out of your past, AND we
replaced it. You must replace the event or the event may
regenerate. In other words, if there is an empty pocket in your
Time Line, the brain can regenerate the event.
At present, and maybe it is because the problem of child abuse
is becoming more and more acceptable to talk about, more and
more people are coming to me with major gaps in their past.
Several people have said to me, “You know, I’ve got gaps in my
past.” If you float somebody above his Time Line and you say to
him, “I’d like you to look at the continuum of past, present and
future and notice if the brightness is the same,” someone who’s
been abused in the past will have gaps in his Time Line or dark
spots or dark areas. Dark areas, dark spots, or gaps are an
indication of trauma, and it takes a lot of energy to keep the
brightness down on the memories. Somebody who is keeping his
past dark is going to use up a lot of energy. Bringing up the
brightness on the past is going to release the energy used for that,
and will usually give the person more energy to put toward what
is wanted in the future.
If you ask them to brighten up their history or brighten up that
particular event, they may not be able to do it easily. So what you
say is, “Take an event that is unimportant to you. Make it darker,
turn down the brightness. Can you do that?” “Yes.” “Now, turn
up the brightness. Can you do that?” “Yes.” “Now, just like you
did that, can you turn up the brightness on those events in the past
that are dark?” If they still cannot, it might be that a part of them
is keeping those events hidden. If that is the case you should
proceed with caution because you may be uncovering major
traumatic events from their past.
In the work on the mouse phobia mentioned earlier, all the
memories had to be deleted. As long as the memories existed,
there remained the possibility of her going back and getting
reactive about mice. I would say, “Mice,” and she’d freak out. So
I took all the memories out. I took them out of her past and
replaced them with other memories of her acting the way she
wanted to around mice. In essence, we installed a new strategy
during her Imprint Period. (See section on values.)

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