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Suggestibility Tests

Suggestibility Tests
When the client is comfortable, even excited, about the idea of
experiencing trance, there is one more very useful step before you
induce trance: suggestibility tests. Keep in mind that everyone is
suggestible to some degree.
The main purpose of suggestibility tests is to convince a client that
they are suggestible. The client needs to know clearly that they are
indeed suggestible and can respond to hypnosis. Before I begin a
suggestibility test, I usually say, “You know, my mother was told
by her mother, ‘Do not be suggestible!’ In fact many people in pre-
vious generations thought that being suggestible was not good.
But if you want to attain the healthiest state, and if you want to
have good communication with your Unconscious Mind, then you
need to learn how to let your Mind give suggestions to your body.
Thus it is very useful to be suggestible. If you get good at being
suggestible, you will be able, at will, to tell your Unconscious
Mind to do anything you want.. . and it will do it for you.” Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide
Suggestibility Test Exercises for Two People
Here are three suggestibility tests for you to try out now with a
partner, and to use later as needed for convincing a client of their
own suggestibility.
First is the Dictionary and Balloon Test
Our second suggestibility test is the Finger Vice Test. You and
your partner can do this sitting down.

What is fun about this is that the client gets to see a second-by-sec-
ond demonstration of the effect of their imagination on their fingers.
You may occasionally have a client who will ‘mismatch’. Their fin-
gers will stay apart even as they imagine the vice. A Mismatcher is
someone who habitually contradicts statements and suggestions.
If you say, “It’s a great day,” they will reply, “No, it’s awful.” If you
say, “This is a terrible restaurant,” they will say, “It’s not so bad.”
Mismatchers are easy to deal with. You can tell them to do the
opposite of what you really want them to do. The Finger Vice Test Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide
is a good way to find out if your client is a Mismatcher. If their
fingers stay apart or go further apart as you have them imagine
the clamp, change your approach. You can say, “Even though the
vice is closing, don’t let your fingers move toward each other yet.”
If you give a Mismatcher properly contrary cues, their
Unconscious Mind will at some point move the fingers together.
When you are later inducing trance, you can say, “Don’t go into a
trance yet. Don’t fall deeply asleep. Don’t accept these suggestions
totally and completely as you listen carefully to the sound of my
Remember that the purpose of suggestibility tests is to convince
the client that they can be suggestible and go into hypnosis. There
is no need to convince you, because you already know that every-
one is suggestible to some degree.
Our third suggestibility test is the Postural Sway.

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