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The Dance of Rapport

The Dance of Rapport
Rapport occurs when you match other people’s behaviour, think-
ing, or levels of energy. You are meeting them in their model of
the world. Rapport happens naturally when people become aware
of each other and start communicating. It is like a dance in which
one person leads and the other follows. People who are in rapport
have a cooperative and harmonious way of being together, a sense
of being mutually acknowledged, and know it is OK to be who
they are. Rapport is value-free; it’s neither good nor bad, but just a
description of a matching.
Rapport works best when it is out of conscious awareness and
arises spontaneously. However, it is still a learnable skill, and it is
possible for you to enhance your rapport with others. In this chap-
ter we will be exploring some of the ways in which you can
establish and maintain rapport with individuals and with groups
of any size.
Rapport is a prerequisite for effective communication, so before
doing anything with a group, you must establish rapport with
them. You have to be flexible enough to be able to enter into some-
one else’s reality to an extent. When you do this, they will feel
acknowledged and be willing to engage with you.

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