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Truisms about sensations.

You can use a Yes Set of truisms
about sensations to lead to a statement of what the client is
feeling, and the client is likely to feel just what you have
suggested. Here are some Ericksonian truisms: “Most peo-
ple enjoy the refreshing coolness of a light breeze.” “Many
people find the sound of water very relaxing.” “Some
people blush easily when they recognize certain feelings
about themselves.” These truisms could be part of a Yes Set
leading up to, “I wonder if you will feel absolutely com-
fortable and at peace recognizing your feelings about.. ..
As preparation for the next paragraph, I want you to notice
something about your hands. Just for fun, put your hands
on your lap. I want you to really feel your hands, and notice
that one of your hands feels different from the other,
doesn’t it? Really notice this, one of your hands definitely
feels different from the other.. . . It does. Do you know why
one of your hands feels different from the other? Because it
is a different hand. It is true. Look at your right hand, and
look at your left hand.
Ericksonian Methods
Now if I say to the client, “In a moment, one of your hands
is going to feel different from the other,” the client is going
to think in astonishment, “That’s right.. . it does!” (I am not
going to point out to the client that it is a different hand.)
Once this convincer has entered the client’s Unconscious
Mind, I can add, “Most people can experience one hand as
being lighter than the other,” and my truism about
sensation is a powerful suggestion paving the way to arm
levitation and arm catalepsy.

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