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Two Ericksonian Inductions

We are ready to begin practical work in hypnosis. The best way to
master hypnosis is to experience it as a client yourself and to prac-
tise simple inductions first, moving to more complex and elegant
inductions later. Obviously, such practice requires a partner. Find
one who shares your interest and enthusiasm so you can take
turns. For learning purposes, detailed explanations follow some of
the steps of the inductions below. (For later quick reference, these
inductions are duplicated in the Appendix without explanations.)
Ericksonian Induction No. 1: Question Set Induction
We are going to begin with an induction called a Question Set,
which will take about 10 minutes. By doing this induction and
experiencing it as a subject, you will discover how to induce trance
simply by asking questions. When you assume the Therapist’s
role, pay attention to what the client does each step of the way.
Each time they exhibit trance-like behavior, say, “That’s right,” in a
soothing and encouraging tone of voice.

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