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Using OHPs

Using OHPs
If you are using the overhead projector (OHP), is it better to reveal
the information all at once, or to cover part of it, and reveal it
stage by stage? - We no longer use OHPs at all. We use Power
PointR”‘, which means you can put the bullet points up separately,
one at a time. If you must use OHPs, put only one point per slide.
The important thing about using flipcharts or OHP slides is that
you put on the flipchart or slide only what you want the audience
to remember. For example, the charisma pattern structure in
Figure 12.2, is about as much as we would ever put on a slide or a
flipchart. No more than that, because what is on the slide is just a
visual trigger or reminder for the information, rather than convey-
ing the information itself. If you want the audience to have vast
quantities of facts and figures, give them printed handouts.

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