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When to Use a Pendulum

When to Use a Pendulum
When a client asks for help with a presenting problem, very often
neither you nor the client will be aware of the mental source of the
problem. In doing an intervention, Erickson regularly focused not
only on clearing up the presenting problem, but on handling the
underlying concerns of the patient’s Unconscious Mind. Other-
wise, the problem might readily recur.
If you use a pendulum intervention, for example, to help a client
heal a bleeding ulcer, unless you have dealt with the root cause of
the ulcer, the client may re-manifest it later. The most effective
intervention I know for leading a client to heal a physical condi-
tion is to first use Time-Line Therapy@ to deal with the mental
source of the condition, and then use hypnosis, possibly with a
pendulum, to address the physical condition itself.
I carry a pendulum with me all the time, because it is a useful tool
for working with a client who has difficulty going into trance, or
cannot do Time-Line Therapy@ due to lack of concentration, inabil-
ity to visualize, or resistance to floating above their Time-Line. The
pendulum of itself can facilitate a trance induction. Also, as the
client begins to see the responses their Unconscious Mind is mak-
ing, the pendulum is a powerful convincer.

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